Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Name : Heroes R US / Herogiri
Series : Stand Alone
Paperback : 290 Pages
Published by Random House India
Language : English
Source : Gifted

First Sentence : Arnab Bannerjee wondered if Tolstoy would ever be found guilty of causing his death.

 I started reading this book without even bothering to read the blurb or reviews. Truthfully speaking I fully expected to not even get past reading 10 pages of this book. Earlier I have tried reading books by Indian author and DNF'ed those books by the time I have crossed 50 or so pages. So this is what I expected of this book too. So Wrong !

Arnab Bannerjee is an assistant Librarian in a Delhi college. His search for a missing book led him to a ongoing robbery in the campus Bank. His attempt at saving the book was misunderstood for him rebelling against the robbers and him getting beat up by them. Later after recovering from some minor injuries from the scuffle, one day Arnab stands up against a few eve-teasers and discovers he has some new powers. Still trying to figure out what is happening with him, he finds himself falling for a girl named Mishti, who is his boss's niece. And when Mishti escapes from the clutches of some fiends who tried to threaten her life, Arnab decides to take matter in his own hands. He follows up on those low-lives and with his new found powers defeats them and then makes his escape when he sees the police coming.

That was just the beginning. I don't wanna dish out the whole story in my enthusiasm. Arnab is the new Generation Superman. Who stands for and will fight for the people, and overthrow the justice system if it comes in the way. I liked the naivete and clumsiness of Arnab. Mishti although she was the love interest but not the center of the plot which was refreshing to say the least. But the most interesting character parallel to Arnab was Khan Chacha. He was a mentor, a friend, a guardian, and a father figure to Arnab. As far as the villain goes, there were more than one unlike other superhero stories.

To cut it short. The story is good and definitely worth a read. I was expecting more than a few laughs but fell just short of some giggles but that's ok. If someone is not into politics than they will be seriously disappointed because this one has a lot of politic issues. Other than that I will definitely recommend it.

My Rating : 3 out of 5 Stars.


  1. Oh this looks good.I have problems with Indian writers as well but I guess I haven't found the great ones yet. (Anuja Chauhan manages to write gunny books though)
    check out steelheart it's a pretty cool superhero book as well.

    1. OOOOH ! Thanks for the recommend ! I will sure check out the book as well as Author !!