Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Resurrection of a Dead Blog.

I had been pretty sick of my blog design for a while now. Finally it got to the point that I could no longer bear to see my blog in all its girly pinkish glory. Since I have no means to hire myself a blog designer I went to Google Guru to help me out in my dilemma. And I am very thankful to Julie from Fabulous Blogging whose blog post helped me give my blog a new face. While I was at it I also realized that my blog name was a bit boring too and didn't really suit since I haven't had much time to write these days so I came up with this title which is I know very common perfectly describes my situation since I am drooling on all the new books I have purchased in the last four months but haven't had the chance to read. Hopefully I will be back to reading books as soon as my exams are over and reviewing some new books which I received from authors but have been pushing them behind on my shelves !! 
 So what do you think? Does the new design rock or is it kinda okay? I will probably change it in a week or so if not ! Lemme know what you think in the comments !! 


  1. I think the site name is really cute. Cause who doesn't drool over book covers? I can't view the color scheme well (I guess it won't load on my work computer) cause all I see is a black background with white text.